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WIBEBA-HOLZ – a leader in hardwood

In two plants, approximately 55,000 m³ of hardwood timber is processed annually (mainly oak, Hungarian black walnut, beech, alder, ash and maple). Half of our annual production is exported. Main markets are Germany, Switzerland and Asia.

Sawn timber of medium quality is further refined into single-layer solid wood panels and fire safety elements.


In the affiliated Hungarian company WIBEBA-Hungaria Faipari Kft., sawn timber of lesser quality is used for the production of various parquet elements like flooring strips, country style floorboards and custom orders for the single and 3-layer wood panel industry.

Total processed roundwood: approx. 55,000 m³
WIBEBA-Wieselburg: approx. 20,000 m³
WIBEBA-Hungaria: approx. 35,000 m³
Roundwood trade (veneer and premium quality sawn goods): approx. 2,500–3,000 m³

Drying Capacity
a total of approx. 3,000 m³ (gross holding volume)

Solid wood panels
approx. 210,000 m²
45 employees in Wieselburg
85 employees in Rönök
2 employees in Güssing

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